The FBG receives € 576,000 for an European project to promote organ donation in the European Union

Only a 10% of the world population has access to a transplant and many patients die while on the waiting list. In the framework of the European Union –with 28 member countries and a population over 500 people- more than 87,000 people are still wa...



Mireia Ribera «Technology should adapt to people, not the other way around»

Mireia Ribera leads Adaptabit, a research group devoted to digital accessibility in teaching, research, and teaching innovation at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of the University of Barcelona. The aim of the group is to make the info...



Get ready, the F2I is back with € 124,000 to foster innovation at the UB!

Do you have an idea with a high transfer potential but you lack the resources to carry out a proof of valorisation? Are you thinking of creating a technology-based company and need a professional to help you with the business plan? The Fund for the Pro...



CRB to licence novel fluorescent dyes with the University of Barcelona and University of Edinburgh for in vitro research

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB), offering over 37 years of expertise in the custom supply of research reagents, namely peptides and antibodies for life science research and development, signed a licence agreement with Edinburgh Innovations, the c...



CaixaImpulse funds an FBG project to palliate Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences of the University of Barcelona have been awarded a grant within the CaixaImpulse programme, which reaches its third edition this year. The project, presented by the FBG, seeks to obtain a new f...



CaixaImpulse funds an FBG project to develop a Point of Care portable device

Point of Care systems are the future in the detection of diseases that require rapid and accurate diagnoses. In the short term, these technologies will make it possible to make a diagnosis in an ambulance or even monitor a patient in his or her own hom...