Antarctica, a source of new microorganisms

The signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1961 was a turning point for the scientific world, which from then onwards started to see the continent as a vast laboratory of international interest. Josefina Castellví, PhD in Biological Sciences from th...



«Why is Barcelona the place to be in biotech now?»

Why were nearly 100 million euros invested in start-ups in the biotech and health sector in Barcelona in 2015? Was it an isolated occurrence or is there a trend? Jordi Naval, director of the FBG, will answer these questions on 2 June in the communicati...



Petia Radeva: «Knowledge transfer is a driving force of motivation for researchers»

The passion for numbers that Petia Radeva had since she was a child led her to obtain a degree in mathematics and computer science, a master's degree in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence and a doctorate with a thesis on computer vision. ...



The Social Council of the UB and the FBG reward your talent

A software tool to improve the reading skills of children, research on artificial vision methods for the treatment of atherosclerotic plaque, and a company devoted to the development of new drugs using computer technology are some of the award-winning ...



Iproteos launches the second equity crowdfunding campaign

Iproteos, spin off of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Institute of Biomedical Research (IRB), has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign of 250,000 Euros through the platform Capital Cell. The funds obtained will help to compl...



University- Business collaboration in Sónar festival 2016

Turning the seismographic data from natural phenomena (earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers…) and industrial activity (gravel’s exploitation) into sound records: this is the original proposal by Earthworks, an artistic project which will ...