Investors and mentors

We offer opportunities for investors and mentors to participate in the creation and consolidation of innovative companies

At the FBG we have a long experience in the creation of innovative companies based on technology and knowledge developed at the University of Barcelona.

We encourage you to participate in the transfer of innovation to society:

  • As an investor, by contributing your capital to foster new projects with great potential and projection.
  • As a mentor, by using your talent as an expert in a specific field or in business management.

Areas of expertise

At the FBG we promote innovation in all the research areas developed at the UB:

Would you like to learn more about how to participate in an innovative company?

Contact us at and we will advise you

We are a team of people who work for you

Featured investment opportunities



Created in 2021
UB is a shareholder

Learn more at:

Created in 2018
UB is a shareholder

Learn more at:
Contact: María Eugenia Martín Hidalgo

Created in 2020
UB is a shareholder

Learn more at:
Contact: Meritxell Teixidó



active spin-off


grants obtained from public and private institutions


in research grants from the European Commission

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