What we do

We enable the impact of UB research on society through companies and institutions

At the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation we connect university, business, and society:

  • We provide solutions for people
    Facilitating the creation of new products that improve people’s lives
  • We bring together researchers, companies, and investors
    Fostering new opportunities for innovation and development
  • We create innovative and forward-looking businesses
    Promoting the creation of new companies and opening new innovative lines in existing companies

We offer assistance and support to researchers, companies, and investors to promote collaboration.

We also have experimental models to meet the needs of your R&D project and push it forward.

Areas of Expertise

At the FBG we promote innovation in all the research areas developed at the UB:

In which area of expertise would you like to innovate?

Contact us at fbg@fbg.ub.edu and we will advise you

We are a team of people who work for you



companies and institutions innovate with us


for the UB in contracted revenue


active projects

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