UB Expertise

Editorial & communications


  • Development of literary guides
  • Design of educational texts
  • Translations from classical languages
  • Preparation of exhibition catalogues
  • Restoration and publication of old cookery books
  • Preparation of glossaries and dictionaries
  • Design of educational resources for the learning of modern languages
  • Design and development of manuals
  • Preparation of monographs
  • Critical edition of ancient texts
  • Graphic materials for historical monographs
  • Graphic materials for artistic monographs
  • Collection catalogues
  • Preparation of reference works (encyclopaedias, directories)
  • Preparation of indexes
  • Content design for outreach activities
  • Editing of cultural contents
  • Literary reviews
  • Preparation of thesauri
  • Preparation of historicized cartographic materials
  • Design and development of themed atlases


  • Preparation of sectoral terminological glossaries (banking, insurance…)
  • Assessment of learning manuals
  • Literary criticism
  • Documentary advice
  • Literary advice
  • Linguistic advice
  • Assessment of originals
  • Specialized advice on communication needs and multilingualism
  • Assessment of language knowledge, usages and representations
  • Documentary and bibliographic search on specific topics
  • Preparation of reports and dossiers on topics of current interest: international conflicts, globalization, gender, historical memory, multiculturalism, racism, human rights
  • Assessment of materials for outreach activities
  • Coordination of publishing series
  • Editing and proofreading


  • Virtual databases
  • Design of digital contents
  • Assessment and design of web environments
  • Design and development of courses based on mobile devices (mobile learning)
  • Design and development of courses based on personal learning environments
  • Quality assessment of interactive environments
  • Digitalization and systematization of literary ensembles
  • Studies on digital publishing
  • Design of information & documentation systems
  • Design of virtual campuses
  • Content managers
  • Advice on XML editing and accessible editing (PDF, ePub, HTML, XML)
  • Advice and training on web accessibility (HTML, Jaws, subtitled videos)
  • Review of the compliance with web accessibility regulations (WCAG and WCAG 2.0; WAI A-RIA)
  • Use studies of web resources
  • Cartographic digitalization
  • Development of cultural heritage Internet portals
  • Virtual historical recreation
  • Virtual reconstruction of buildings and archaeological sites
  • Design of content managers


  • Advice on history-themed audiovisual products
  • Advice on archaeology-themed audiovisual products
  • Advice on script writing
  • Advice on science journalism
  • Design of didactic board games


  • Bibliometric studies
  • Studies on digital publishing
  • Sociolinguistics and communication
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