UB Innovation Tickets: new aids to promote R&D&I projects

The University of Barcelona launches a new program to promote the R&D&I project contracts: UB Innovation Tickets. The aim is to promote the creation of new collaborative projects between businesses and institutions and research groups with the SGR grant from the Catalan Government.

This grant is aimed at the research groups’ development of a first analysis of the needs presented by the company or the institution. These analytical tasks will be funded by the Innovation Tickets up to a 75% of its budget, and accounting for a maximum amount of 1,500 euros. The rest of the budget will be paid for by the company or the institution.

The UB Innovation Tickets are a tool to promote the hiring of R&D&I projects through the partial funding of the first hours of the innovation activity carried out by the research groups. These help to innovate in products and processes and enable to establish a relationship between the company or institution and the research group to continue working together in the future.


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