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What is meant by "spin-off" of the University of Barcelona?

Those companies are formed by members of the University of Barcelona and whose base of their products and services is a technology or knowledge developed are, in whole or in part, within the University of Barcelona.

What are the "Spin-off" created?


Enlighting Technologies, S.L.
Development of intelligent lighting systems


Bluephage, S.L.
Development and commercialization of solutions for the control of safety and quality of water by microbiological indicators.
Care Respite
Solutions for monitoring computer vision dependent people.
Karuna Good Cells Technologies, S.L.
Development in genomic editing and regenerative medicine for the cure of diseases with genetic component.
Timepath, S.L.
Virtual reality solutions for the video game industry.


Cytes Biotechnologies, S.L.
Development and Supply of reagents and services in the field of research for new drugs.
Nostrum BioDiscovery, S.L.
Development and application of computational chemistry for the development of new clinical candidates.
Virtual Body Works, S.L.
Development and application of immersive virtual reality techniques in the field of health.
SM Genomics, S.L.
Application of genetics in Sports Medicine to improve the performance of athletes.


Physicaltech, S.L.
Development and commercialization of clinical diagnosis system to analize automatically the body posture in 3D for rehabilitation processes.


Braingaze, S.L.
Research, development, commercialization and consulting applications in the field of neurocognitive perception.
Dapcom-Data Services, S.L.
Development of software and hardware solutions for data management.
endoASIC Technologies, S.L. (*inactive)
Design and marketing of new devices and semiconductor chips to feed the field of capsule endoscopes.


Advanced Nanotechnologies, S.L.
New surface treatments for the automotive industry and others.
Impetux Optics, S.L.
Development of measuring instruments based on optical tweezers.
Mynorix Therapeutics, S.L.
Research, development and commercialization of drugs related to rare metabolic diseases of genetic origin.
Smalle Technologies, S.L.
Research, development, production, commercialization of new devices of generation for alternatives energies.


Iproteos, S.L.
Research, development and commercialization of novel therapeuticapproaches related to cognitive deficits associated with CNS diseases.


ImmunNovative Developments, S.L.
New drugs for the treatment of sepsis.


Transmural Biotech, S.L.
Development of biomedical technological solutions for image and biomarker diagnosis, specializing in materno-fetal and neonatal medicine.
Vytrus Biotech, S.L.
Vegetable material enriched with active principals, obtained with biotechnological tools for the cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.


Argon Pharma, S.L. (*inactive)
Electronic Nanosystems, S.L. (*inactive)


Intelligent Pharma, S.L.
Bioinformatics and cheminformatics firm created to develop custom scientific programming solutions and provide technical support for clients in the field of computational chemistry


Neurotec Pharma, S.L. (*inactive)
Development of new diagnostic tools and treatments for acute and chronic CNS diseases.


Unidad Biotecnológica Analítica, S.L. (*inactive)
Design, development and validation of instrumentation and methodologies for measuring and analytical control.


Biocontrol Technologies, S.L.
Research, development and production of natural microorganisms for use as biological control agents for crop diseases
Genmedica Therapeutics, S.L
Development of new therapeutic treatments for diabetes focusing on chronic inflammation and insulin resistance.
XOP-Conserves de Ponent, S.L. (*inactive)
Innovative edible mushroom varieties.


Enantia, S.L.
Synthesis of organic chemical compounds, particularly chiral products.
Haltisform, S.L. (*inactive)
Meteosim, S.L.
Predictive models and consulting services to the wind energy industry.


Esense Systems, S.L. (*inactive)
Electronic noses
Estralim, S.L. (*inactive)
Removing unwanted steroids in food.


Advanced In Vitro Cell Technologies, S.A. (Advancell) (*inactive)
Advanced technologies and new nanomedicine drugs.
Oleoyl Estrone Developments, S.L. (OED) (*inactive)
New drugs for the treatment of obesity and related diseases.
Thera Centre de Llenguatge i Computació, S.L. (*inactive)
Computational Linguistics


Oryzon Genomics, S.A.
Functional genomics.


Diverdrugs, S.L.