UB Expertise



  • Assessment of contents of learning manuals.
  • Consultancy services on education policies.
  • Preparation of training manuals.
  • Assessment of training processes.
  • Revision of vocabularies and dictionaries.
  • Reports on linguistic usages of different groups of people.
  • Consultancy services and assessment on museum activities.


  • Courses in old book conservation
  • Training in accessible digital formats (Word, Write, PDF).
  • Training of tour guides in specific topics and sites (historical, artistic, archaeological,…).
  • Training in healthy eating adapted to different groups of people.
  • Training in conflict resolution.
  • Training in gender issues.
  • Consultancy services for educators on the planning and development of activities and programmes focused on poetry.
  • Analysis of the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Advanced techniques of effective reading.


  • Design of virtual campuses .
  • Consultancy services on the design of tailor-made technology-enhanced learning programmes.
  • Design and development of technology- enhanced innovative learning and
  • training environments.
  • Quality assessment of learning materials and interactive environments.
  • Design of training tools based on mobile devices (mobile learning).
  • Design of courses based on personal learning environaments.
  • Development of educational Internet portals.
  • Development and assessment of materials for educational innovation Technological resources for educational activities.


  • Consultancy services and assessment on museum activities.
  • Design of didactic board games .
  • Reconstruction of historical settings and iconographic programmes.
  • Design of tours and materials specialized in Modernism.
  • Advice on the dynamization of cultural spaces.
  • Design of didactic programmes of old music.
  • Organization and planning of poetry workshops (different age groups).
  • Literary tours.


  • Development of didactic materials.
  • Design of educational tools for learning classical languages .
  • Development of support materials for modern languages.
  • Advice on multi-language acquisition.
  • Design of didactic materials for literacy programmes.
  • Desing of language self-learning tools.


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