UB Expertise


Research groups

  • Grupo de Diseño
  • Grupo de Investigación de Farmacognosia
  • Grupo de Investigación en Inmunología, Reacciones Alérgicas y Psoriasis
  • Grupo de Investigación en Marketing e Investigación de Mercados
  • Grupo de Investigación en Tensioactivos
  • SDM
  • Unidad de Biofarmacia y Farmacocinética
  • Unidad de Farmacia Clínica y Farmacoterapia
  • UTOX


  • Albor Biologics
  • Deiters Fitoterapia y Cosmética
  • Farmalíder
  • GES Genéricos Españoles
  • Grupo FarmaSierra
  • Industrias Asociadas COBIOSA
  • KAO
  • L’Oréal
  • Labiana
  • Laboratorios Genesse
  • Laboratorios ISDIN
  • Laboratorios OTC
  • Laboratorios Santhera
  • Maymo Cosmetics
  • Novocat Pharma
  • P&G
  • Pierre Fabre
  • Roche Farma


Discovery of Active Ingredients

  • Development of active ingredients of vegetable origin for the cosmetics industry
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Discovery of cosmetic actives extracted from Peruvian plants
  • Design of peptides with various biological properties and cosmetic applications
  • Development of recombinant proteins for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications
  • Cosmetic composition for the treatment of spider veins
  • Natural antifungal, antioxidant and immunomodulatory products
  • Optimization of crops for the development of active ingredients for cosmetics
  • Antibiotic activity of macro-algae and their use as preservatives in cosmetic products
  • Synthesis of new bioactive molecules, impurities and metabolites
  • Gene therapies and tissue engineering
  • Functional screening of pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients
  • Development of new computational tools for the design of cosmetic agents of interest
  • Advice on the use of microorganisms as probiotics and their other potential cosmetic applications

Studies of Efficacy and Toxicity

  • Studies of transdermal in vitro permeation of drugs through human skin and swine mucosa for skin and systemic treatment
  • Analysis of the effects of drugs and cosmetics after dermal application
  • In vitro efficacy and safety models
  • Assessment of the irritation and/or allergic potential of dermatological excipients
  • Assessment of the in vitro cosmetic efficacy of any given cosmetic composition of previously selected active ingredients
  • Assessment of ocular and dermal toxicity of various emulsions
  • Evaluation of the cell activity induced by a cosmetic product
  • Cell proliferation studies
  • Research and development studies of pharmaceutical forms for topical application and self emulsifying drug delivery systems.


Technical Advice

  • Study and fine-tunning of analytical methods for HPLC for raw materials and final products
  • Training and advice on experimental techniques as alternatives to animal testing
  • Study of the application of new processes in the pharmaceutical industry and other related sectors
  • Validation studies of processes, facilities, systems and techniques
  • Advice on the development and application of cell models for the improvement of the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • Development and validation of new in vitro models for their application in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Galenical Development and Formulation

  • Formulation and production of specific formulae.
  • Elements for the formulation of foaming agents and emulsions
  • General features and elements for the formulation of cosmetic sticks and paste
  • Research and development of pellets and micro-capsulation (micro-capsules and nano-capsules).
  • Research and development of modified-release pharmaceutical forms: osmotic, colonic, matrix and bioadhesive tablets, bioadhesive gels, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical technical study of the compatibility, stability and bio-availability of dermatological active ingredients in topically applied pharmaceutical forms
  • Comparative studies of the dissolution and release rate of active ingredients. Influence of formulation on percutaneous absorption
  • Optimization studies of formulation and techniques of drug production (human and animal use), healthcare products and other related products
  • Low-temperature particle coating
  • Galenical development of a line of cosmetic products for personal hygiene


  • Toxicological reports related to the risk of use of cosmetic products
  • Analysis of the toxicity of cosmetic compounds
  • Detection of endotoxines in pharmaceutical formulae
  • Preliminary toxicological screening of bioactive molecules adapted to industrial requirements
  • Public health risk assessment; toxicological risk and lethality
  • Assessment of health risks related to the reuse of wastewaters
  • Preparation of the documentation for the registration of new drugs for both human (CTD) and veterinary (NTA) use
  • Design, analytical, numerical and statistical performance and interpretation of results:

Preclinical area: formulation stability studies, dissolution rate studies, protein binding studies

Clinical area: bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, clinical and population pharmacokinetic studies, pharmacokinetic monitoring studies

Postmarketing area: drug information studies, drug use studies, studies of pharmaceutical care in community, hospital and primary healthcare pharmacies


  • Market surveys. Analysis of the economic viability of projects. Marketing planning and commercialization
  • Marketing, new technologies and social networks
  • International trade. Regional, national and international economic organization. International law and relations. International development policies. Economic analysis of public policies
  • Packaging and corporate brand design
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