UB Expertise

Automotive industry


  • New shape-memory alloys
  • Development of new metal alloys
  • New welding processes
  • Structural and micro-structural characterization
  • Laser micro-manufacturing
  • Improved performance of engines and turbochargers
  • New materials for fuel cells
  • Nanomaterials
  • Mechanical resistance studies


  • Development of new sensors and actuators
  • Design of integrated circuits
  • Instrumentation and control micro-systems
  • Intelligent measurement and control via signal processing
  • Industrial imaging intelligent systems
  • Thin-film and thick-film technologies
  • Electronic ceramics
  • New digital systems
  • System modelling and simulation


  • Coating of superconducting materials via thermal spraying
  • Dielectric coatings
  • Ultra-hard wear resistant coatings
  • Electrically insulating or conductive coatings
  • Transparent coatings
  • New photonic paints and technologies
  • New electrochromic and photochromic structures
  • Reflective surfaces and cold optics
  • Advances in anticorrosive treatments


  • Fuel cells
  • Superconductors
  • Gas cells
  • Lithium batteries and magnetocaloric effect
  • Optical confinement techniques for photovoltaic devices


  • Hard, optical and dielectric nanostructured materials
  • Silicon nanostructures and their alloys
  • Ultrafiltration and separation ceramic membranes
  • Amorphous and microcrystalline nanostructured boron nitride thin films
  • Dielectric and conductive nanostructured transparent oxide thin films
  • Electrochromic materials and nanostructured ionic conductors


  • Reduction of the environmental impact of wastes
  • Valorization and inertization of waste materials and subproducts
  • New processes for the recycling of materials
  • Stabilization of heavy metals in industrial soil
  • Search of new materials
  • Fuel cell processes
  • Crude oil geochemistry and organic petrology
  • Geological reserves modelling


  • Electrochemical equipment for the pilot scale production and characterization of coatings in the lab
  • High frequency measurement equipment
  • Low- and high-temperature gas sensors test station
  • Laser materials processing
  • Equipment for the production of coatings via thermal spraying
  • Electron-beam lithography (EBL)
  • Monocrystalline and powder diffractometer
  • Surface analysis (ESCA / Auger)
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Nano- SPM techniques (AFM, STM, Confocal interferometry)
  • MET- Applied to materials
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Electron microprobe
  • Electronic, mechanical and vacuum technologies. Computer and imaging technology
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