Experimental models and expert advice
for your R&D

At the Bosch and Gimpera Foundation, we offer the expertise of the University of Barcelona’s research groups in experimental models to meet the needs of your R&D project.

Find the experimental model you need to boost your project.

Portfolio of experimental models

At the FBG we have a wide portfolio of experimental models at your disposal. We have classified them according to areas of interest.

Select the experimental model you are looking for using the drop-down menus.

Choose the area, the specifications of the experimental model and, if you wish, the type of model (in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo).

We recommend starting the search by area to narrow down the results.


If you prefer, you can search by keyword:

Customized models

Do you need a specific experimental model for your R&D?

Our research groups can develop a customized model for you.

Contact us by filling in the form and we will get in touch with you.

    We meet your research needs using experimental models and providing expert advice, enabling you to:

    • Analyze and confirm the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food active ingredients, among others.
    • Improve your knowledge of the biological processes involved in the activity of your products.
    • Define the most appropriate development strategies for your project.

    Our offer


    • Flexibility to design a tailor-made experiment according to the stage of your project.
    • Ability to develop a customized experimental model that responds to your hypothesis.
    • Advice on the design of the best testing strategy for your product.
    • Use of the UB’s state-of-the-art equipment to apply it to your project.
    • Reliable results and conclusions included in a detailed report.



    different experimental models


    projects developed over the last 3 years

    +EUR 5 M

    in contracts over the last 3 years

    Do you want to know how we can help your organization?

    Contact us at promocio@fbg.ub.edu and we will advise you.

    We are a team of people who work for you.

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