The UB makes hydroalcoholic solution on a large scale for health centers

The University of Barcelona, through its Centre for Research and Production of Experimental Medicines, Farmatec UB, joins the campaign against COVID-19 by making and packing, in its facilities, hydroalcoholic solution to sanitize hands, following the recommended formula by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The average production is of 300 litres per day in 50-litre packs, which includes its fabrication, filling or primary conditioning, tagging and secondary conditioning. At the moment, 1,5000 litres are being distributed per week.

Since this initiative started, on March 26, 1,337.5 litres out of the 5,000 the Hospital Clinic required have been delivered. Hospital Clínic was the first center to ask for it, and is the one providing resources and the necessary packaging to make the products.

The production is being carried out by twenty-two volunteers, members of the teaching staff, the administrative and service staff, and researchers from Bosch i Gimpera Foundation. The work is carried out in the units of Farmatec UB, in the Bellvitge Campus, and at the Service of Development of Medicines (SDM), located in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, under the scientific supervision of Professor Josep M. Suñé Negre.

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