The Bosch i Gimpera Foundation participates in five clusters in Catalonia

Encouraging contacts between researchers and research groups at the University of Barcelona and companies and other players in the same sector. This is why the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation is taking part in five clusters in Catalonia: the Beauty Cluster Barcelona, the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia, the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia, the Food N’ Nutrition Cluster and the KID’s Cluster.

The Beauty Cluster Barcelona brings together more than 160 companies in the cosmetics value chain sector and organises activities to boost the growth and competitiveness of its partners. As part of the 4th Beauty Innovation Day, students from the UB Design Grade Professional Design Project Laboratory presented several sustainable packaging proposals aimed at the cosmetics market.

The Mental Health Cluster in Catalonia, meanwhile, brings together companies, services and institutions that share the strategic challenges of care, training, research and the creation of synergies in the field of mental health, in which the University of Barcelona has extensive experience.

New to this year, the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation has joined the KID’s Cluster, which is linked to activities in the children’s segment (up to the age of 12), to which it will contribute with research and knowledge from research staff at the University of Barcelona in fields such as education, pedagogy, psychology, design and child health, among others.

The capacities of the University of Barcelona also reach the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia and the Food N’ Nutrition Cluster, and do so through the Food Technology Reference Network of the Generalitat de Catalunya (XaRTA), managed by the FBG. The range of technology offered by the UB to the Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia focuses on the capabilities of the research groups from the Materials Science, Physical Science, and Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry departments, as well as the research and development of functional materials, surface engineering, and development of new materials based on the revaluation of industrial by-products. The contribution of the University of Barcelona to the Food N’Nutrition Cluster focuses on the capabilities of research groups in the fields of nutrition and health, food safety, sensory quality and sustainability.

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