La Marató 2017 grants biomedical research projects on infectious diseases

The edition of La Marató de TV3 in 2017, dedicated to research on infectious diseases, has granted a total of 9.8 million euros to 36 research projects to promote the creation of new prevention and diagnostic tools, as well as for more efficient treatments, aiming to gain more years and quality of life for the patients. Seven projects out of the total awarded ones count on the participation of research teams from the University of Barcelona. Other eleven projects from research institutes with the participation of the UB have also been awarded.

The 36 awarded projects, according to the decision of the Board of Trustees and proposed by the Scientific Advisory Committee, are the ones with the highest valued results out of the 214 candidates that were submitted in the call. The Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality (AQUAS) coordinated an international evaluation process in which 103 experts on infectious diseases valued the studies according to their quality and methodology, scientific, health and social relevance, and its innovating value, among other aspects. In 2023, the Foundation will publish the obtained results of these research projects in a scientific symposium.
Granted projects of the University of Barcelona in La Marató 2017

Viral particles pseudo-packaged into exosomes candidates to new vaccines for hepatitis A and E.

Rosa Maria Pintó Solé, Faculty of Biology. Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (University of Barcelona); Margarida Castell Escuer, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences. Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (University of Barcelona). Fernando Rodríguez González, Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology – IRTA Center for Research into Animal Health (CReSA).
Fund: 399,375,00 €

New polymyxins for the treatment of infections caused by multiresistant bacteria

Francesc Rabanal Anglada, Faculty of Chemistry. Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (University of Barcelona).
Fund: 200.000,00 €

Discovery of innovative drugs to treat respiratory viral infections

Santiago Vázquez Cruz, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences. Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (University of Barcelona); Lieve Naesens, Rega Institute for Medical Research (University of Leuven, Belgium)
Fund: 279,791,52 €

Liposomal nanocomplex coated as drug release systems for the treatment of leishmaniasis

Maria Cristina Riera Lizandra, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences (University of Barcelona); Xavier Fernández Busquets, Esther Koplowitz Center CEK – Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia; Maria Manconi, Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy. (University of Cagliari, Italy).
Fund: 399,480,85 €

A new approach to fight antibiotic multiresistance: attacking antigenic proteins encoded by antibiotic-resistance plasmids

Antonio Juárez Giménez, Faculty of Biology (University of Barcelona).
Fund: 196,250,00 €

Dietary improvement of anti-infectious components of breast milk as a tool to control early-stage infections (DIM-2-ELI)

Francisco José Pérez Cano, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences (University of Barcelona). M. Carmen Collado, Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technologies (CSIC)
Fund: 298,812,50 €

Breaking the boundaries of antimicrobial resistance; searching for new antimicrobials against multiresistant bacteria: a study on polycationic peptides and lipid nanoparticles (BARNAPA)

Miquel Viñas Ciordia, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (University of Barcelona). Fernando Albericio Palomera, School of Chemistry and Physics (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa); Stefania Stefani, LMMAR lab (University of Catania)
Fund: 383,276,25 €

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