Let’s UB!: a meeting point with entrepreneurship

The Ferran Soldevila gardens and several places of the Historical Building of the UB will hold on July, 13, the first Let’s UB! session, to be opened by the rector Joan Guàrdia. This is a meeting for the university community and agents from the field of entrepreneurship in Spain. Investors, managers of several firms, promoters of start ups and spin offs, and university students, will share workshops, forums, and roundtables. At the same time, they can visit an exhibition in the hall of the Historical Building about ten companies created by UB students.

Organized by StartUB!, this session is the culmination of several entrepreneurship activities that took place durig the last academic year. “Let’s UB! represents the UB commitment to a sustainable, inclusive entrepreneurship which is involved in the current digitalization process…”, note Claudio Cruz and Elena Maestre, director and deputy director of StarUB!. “We want to show society there is an entrepreneurship with a young, non-conformist and multidisciplinary profile, with the support from a prestigious institution such as the UB”, they say.

Investment round, roundtables and workshops

The Aula Magna will hold talks, forums and roundtables to be live-streamed online. Among the activities are an investment round with members from spin-offs that were created by UB researchers and start-ups launched by students. Among the participants will be business angels that provide funding to innovative businesses, organizations specialized on projects launched by women and entities with public support that provide loans to innovative firms, among other actors.

There will also be roundtables, the first one will be dedicated to the topic of investment. The second one will treat the necessary competences and skills for entrepreneurship and will count on the participation from several managers of firms in the sector of the hotel and restaurant business. The third, titled “Emprendre des de la ciència”, will feature UB researchers who have lunched spin-offs that are in the current market.

The Ferran Soldevila gardens will feature practical workshops aimed at entrepreneurs, on creativity, gamification, creation of prototypes and communicative skills. The Aula Magna will hold the project defense of those projects that opt for the StartUB! Sprint Awards, to distinguish and support the top entrepreneur ideas among the students of the UB. The prizes will be awarded on the same day in the closing ceremony of Let’s UB! In the Aula Magna.

Let’s UB! is organized by StartUB! in collaboration with IL3, the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation (FBG), the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and the affiliated centres Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy (CETT) and the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI).

To attend Let’s UB! please fill in this form.

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