Cloud-based software to create your own lighting

At home, in the office, using public transport …, people spend 90% of the day exposed to artificial lighting in different environments. “We invite you to spend an hour a day in the sun; just as we go on diets, or do sports, we need the properties of sunshine”, explains Javier Iglesias, CEO of Kumux, a spin-off of the University of Barcelona that markets artificial intelligence technology developed over four years at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Physics. Javier Iglesias adds that, “not following a good sunlight diet affects our routine and our state of mind, as our brain uses lighting information to fill us up with energy or relax us. We are now able to endow artificial lighting with the benefits of natural light”.

The lighting market is currently working on improving illumination through hardware. In contrast, Kumux has just launched the 2.0 version of its spectral simulation software which makes it possible to create differential lighting —beneficial to both people’s health and plant growth— by means of patented algorithms. “Through an algorithm developed in collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the platform allows lighting companies to create their own customized lighting solutions,” says Javier Iglesias. This software is compatible with different systems, it is designed so that it can be integrated into any light fitting and control platform, and companies are welcome to perform a trial run for free.

At the moment, the company already works with several national and international clients, most notably a hospital. “Through biodynamic lighting it is possible to reduce a patient’s stay in hospital and also improve their rest and recovery,” Iglesias explains. Retail companies are also some of Kumux’s main clients, as among other things, its software allows for the generation of emotions through a colorimetric control of lighting during the different fashion seasons, which improves consumer experience in stores. The innovation in the lighting sector carried out by Kumux has led the spin-off to be one of the companies selected to form part of the SHAPE Pilot programme (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe), a support programme for companies who want to explore business opportunities in the field of supercomputing.

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