CaixaImpulse funds an FBG project to develop a Point of Care portable device

Point of Care systems are the future in the detection of diseases that require rapid and accurate diagnoses. In the short term, these technologies will make it possible to make a diagnosis in an ambulance or even monitor a patient in his or her own home, so that visits to the doctor’s office will be only reduced to the strictly necessary.

There is an urgent need in the medical sector to find a device that streamlines diagnostic processes and is easy to use, very accurate, and portable. These types of devices can be key in conditions in which a rapid diagnosis represents the difference between life and death, as it can happen in cases of heart attack or sepsis, which if not detected and treated in time can progress rapidly and endanger the patient’s life.

With the aim of meeting these needs, the research group of Instrumentation and Communication Systems (SIC) of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona has developed a device for molecular analysis that is based on measuring sample fluorescence. The device uses fluorescence time-decay measurements to make a quick and accurate diagnosis. Its goal is to make a quick diagnosis with no need for further processing and low power consumption; all in a portable solution the size of a mobile phone that offers different options depending on the context of the patient.

The SIC group has just received one of the twenty-three grants awarded by Obra Social “la Caixa” and Caixa Capital Risc within the framework of the third call of the CaixaImpulse programme, whose purpose is to promote projects in the field of biomedical and biotechnological research. This grant is aimed at the development of a low cost Point of Care system for rapid diagnosis of sepsis. The CaixaImpulse programme is also supported by EIT Health.

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