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Innovative Techniques in Museum Exhibitions: The Born Centre Cultural

DIDPATRI Research Group – Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB)

The exhibition “Donec Perficiam. The siege of Barcelona 1713- 1714” at the Born Centre Cultural has been one of the most successful displays in the history of Catalan museography, with more than two million visitors.

In 2014, the tercentenary of September 11th, 1714 and the end of the War of the Spanish Succession in Catalonia served to rediscover eighteenth-century Barcelona and to fully understand the dimension of these events.

The research group Didactics of Heritage (DIDPATRI), based at the Faculty of Education of the University of Barcelona (UB), and the Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB) have worked with historical and scientific rigour in order to help understand this period by developing a series of educational proposals focused on the Born quarter: design of settings, lesson plans for teaching, and innovative audiovisual materials using 3D animation and involving historical reenactment groups. Their most important contribution was the design and production of the exhibition “Donec Perficiam. The siege of Barcelona 1713-1714” at the Born Centre Cultural.

The exhibition, which shows the latest scientific achievements on the subject, takes visitors back to one of the most crucial historical episodes of the eighteenth century in Catalonia.

All these educational proposals have contributed to update the historical perception of the conflict of 1713- 1714 by commemorating the War of Succession and the siege of 1714, and analysing their far-reaching consequences for Barcelona and Catalonia.

In addition, they have dynamized and protected cultural heritage, and opened new perspectives in educational and museographic research.


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