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Binding, a software program that improves the reading skills of children

Department of Basic Psychology of the University of Barcelona - Learning Disorders Unit of the Josep Finestres Foundation

The 95% of children who follow the Binding program complete it successfully and manage to improve their reading skills.

The Department of Basic Psychology of the University of Barcelona, in collaboration with the Learning Disorders Unit of the Josep Finestres Foundation, has developed a software program to help children who have difficulty reading to acquire or improve their reading skills.

This program, whose purpose is that no child falls behind in reading (a basic capacity of human communication and personal growth), incorporates the most advanced research in the psychology of reading and language to the clinical world, which in turn makes it a clearly innovative tool both in Catalonia and worldwide.

The program involves daily sessions of 10 to 15 minutes, up to a total of 200 sessions, including a series of exercises that are executed on the computer and have a scientific basis that supports their pedagogic value as tools capable of helping children to overcome the main obstacles so that they regain confidence in their learning process.

A total of 58 schools are already using Binding in P5 and first grade students, as well as 24 centres specialized in counseling and therapy, and 440 families. In total, about three thousand children have followed this program so far, and about six hundred more are currently using it.


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