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  • Validation of technological processes and material characterization for the development of microsystems.
  • Desing of new functional materials: isolating dielectric, electronic ceramics, nanostructured materials, nanoparticles.
  • Design of electronic devices and components.
  • Design, simulation and development of new sensors and actuators based on microelectronic technology.
  • Design of interface circuits for sensors and actuators (A/D converters, RF communications, optical communications, communications by means of fieldbuses, integrated power circuits), using new mixed design techniques and microsystems technologies.
  • Development of optoelectronic and radiofrequency telemetry and transmission systems
  • Development of ubiquitous communication networks: wireless, RF systems for telemetry and transmission, sensors, ambient intelligent.
  • Embedded systems, instrumentation and control: systems modelling, ambient intelligent systems, intelligent signal processing, miniaturised robots and distributed instrumentation
  • Integrated micro-nano systems: systems-in-a-package, hybrid circuits, multifunctional systems.


  • Fire-resistant aggregates
  • Thermic and acoustic insulation
  • Structural description and mechanical properties: metals, polymers and ceramics.
  • Design of new surfaces. Mortars and concretes:
  • Formulation for passive protection in the event of fire.
  • Studies of their behaviour with fire and their mechanical behaviour before and after being subjected to temperature.
  • Materials for passive protection against fire.
  • Rheology of ceramic suspension and cements.
  • Development of flame retardants for polymers and description of the behaviour in fire of the resulting compounds.
  • Fireproofing of structural materials.
  • Extraction and recycling of metals and treatment of subproducts.
  • Solid state nanostructuring of metals and alloys for plastic strain processes.
  • Nanostructuring by mechanical synthesis of materials.


  • Valorisation and inertisation of waste and subproducts.
  • New material recycling processes.
  • Stabilisation of heavy metals in industrial soil
  • Research into new non-pollutant materials.
  • Cements and concretes
  • Modelling of geological reserves.
  • Recovery of industrial subproducts for their use in construction materials.
  • Corrosion, protection and reformulation according to current environmental regulations.
  • Environmental impact of civil works.


  • Materials and devices for high temperature electronics
  • Silicon panel technology in thin layers
  • Description of photovoltaic panels.
  • Organic solar cell technology
  • Studies of natural resources, sites, applications and sustainability
  • High resolution magnetotelluric studies. Implications in geothermic resources
  • Methodology for using hydraulic and aeolic energy


  • Geological, geophysical and geotechnical studies.
  • Geomechanicial description of land.
  • Geophysical examination (not destructive) of land.
  • Surveying of rocks and industrial minerals.
  • Quality control of materials.


  • Industrial advice and reports.
  • On the surface technologies and industrial processes area.
  • On tests in the thin layers technology area and surface engineering.
  • On the selection of materials for their application and implementation.
  • Structural and microstructural description.
  • Analysis of flaws and breakaages, mechanical properties.
  • Non-destructive tests, tribology corrosion tests.



  • Economic and legal instruments.
  • Analysis of the evolution and adaptation of the sector to different economic conditions.
  • Feasibility analysis; marketing and sale plans for promotions.
  • Analysis of the situation in different real estate markets: homes, commercial premises, offices, industrial warehouses.
  • Analysis on the current situation and outlook for real estate brokerage.
  • Current situation and future perspective for the real estate market in a specific area.


  • Public spaces, participation and urban social dynamics.
  • Quality of life and sustainability.
  • The promoter-project- citizen relationship.
  • Social forecasts in energy, water and waste management plans.
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