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Electrochemical flow-cell for screen printed electrodes


  • Totally watertight cavity
  • Very high pressures supported (up to 1000 bars)
  • Wide range of solvents supported
  • Very fast opening and closing without tools
  • Possibility to use with mono and multi-screen printed electrode


Industrial partners are sought to commercially exploit the technology through a license agreement.

Intellectual Property

International Patent Application.




Dr. Eva Martín Fierro
Email: emartin@fbg.ub.edu
Tel: +34 934 037 257

Executive summary

A new electrochemical flow-cell, which allows the change of the electrodes in a simple, fast, and reliable way requiring no tools, has been developed by researchers from the University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.


Electrochemical flow-cells for screen printed electrodes have a support for the electrode and a cap which closes against the electrode, creating an analysis cavity housing at least part of the screen printed electrode, and where the fluid to be analyzed is injected.
The closing means employed for attaching the support to the cap have a limiting effect in the actual use of the flow-cell. Exceeding the pressure limit of the flow-cell may result in leaks or even spontaneous opening of the flow-cell.


This electrochemical flow-cell for screen printed electrodes comprises an electrode support and a cap which, when coupled, form a watertight analysis cavity specially designed for FIA and HPLC applications.
This new electrochemical flow-cell can withstand very high pressures of up to 1000 bars since, when closed, the whole cell becomes a solid assembly fitted together through columns connected with screws to the cap and the base. Further, this flow-cell opens and closes very fast without the aid of any tool.

Current stage of development

A fully operational flow-cell is ready for commercialization.



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