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Medio ambiente


  • Advice on reducing the environmental impact of waste
  • Valuation, inertisation, and stabilisation of waste and by- products
  • Recovery and removal of products such as heavy metals from cleaning waters, acids, surfactants, etc.
  • Anaerobic digestion of solid and liquid waste with heavy organic loads
  • Treatment and purification of waste; separation processes
  • Reuse of waste water and sludge
  • Minimisation of toxic effluents
  • Recycling of metals
  • Classification and treatment of waste.
  • Stabilisation of slag obtained from the incineration of solid urban waste for reuse
  • Feasibility and pilot plant studies


  • Development of cellulases for improving recycled fibres
  • Biomolecules. Development of enzymes for recycling paper and saving energy
  • Optimization of recycled paper products
  • Environmental electrochemistry: decontamination and recovery
  • Design and optimization of by-product recycling processes
  • Material recyclability studies
  • Recycling and reuse of solid urban waste
  • Stabilisation of incineration slag. Biomethanation


  • Inertisation
  • Contamination and risk assessment studies
  • Detection, classification and measurement of pollutants in water and the atmosphere
  • Toxicology and environmental health
  • Determination and study of organic micropollutants in solid waste
  • Establishment, improvement and validation of new analysis methods for determining total pollutant content.
  • Risk assessment based on a radionuclide soil pollution incident
  • Establishment of pollutant concentration levels
  • Establishment of analytical methodologies for determining organic pollutants in environmental and food samples
  • Use of stable and radiogenic isotopes to classify the source and evolution of pollutants in aqueous systems


  • Meso- and microscale processes in the atmosphere
  • Rainfall and meteorology radar
  • Meteorological risks
  • Agrometeorology and Hydrometeorology
  • Parametisation of superficial processes
  • Prediction of UVB solar radiation
  • Meteorological networks
  • Numeric mesoscale prediction: application of high resolution models in Catalonia
  • Climatology and modelling of UV spectral solar irradiance
  • Modelling the atmospheric boundary layer
  • Data assimilation in numerical weather prediction models
  • Meteorological and air quality modelling
  • Numerical simulation of atmospheric pollution using 3D Eulerian models.


  • Classification, dynamics and effects of pollutants on soils
  • Phytomeasurement of polluted soils and sediments
  • Classification of prediction models for subsoil properties
  • Geochemical, and mineralogical isotope studies, and of mineral deposits
  • Classification of subsoil for waste storage


  • Research into new materials
  • Coatings; corrosion studies and protection of structures
  • Non-destructive soil studies; buried infrastructure detection
  • Studies of mechanical resistance in components.
  • Revaluation of industrial by-products for use in construction materials.
  • Corrosion, protection and reformulation according to current environmental regulations.
  • Environmental impact of civil works.
  • Cements and concretes
  • Research on new non-pollutant materials.
  • Stabilisation of heavy metals in industrial land


  • Applications of current environmental regulations
  • Technical advice and consultancy
  • Advice on preparing conditions specifications
  • Environmental taxation of energy
  • Economic organisation and management. Multicriteria analysis and optimization.
  • Economic analysis of public policies.
  • Economic instruments of environmental policy.
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