Expertesa de la UB



  • Development of paints for specific finishes
  • Development of rheological analysis and flow protocols.
  • Development of coatings to replace paintings and lubricants
  • Estimation of rheological parameters necessary in simulations.
  • Development of photonic paints
  • Development of electrochromic structures and photochroms
  • Preparation of nanoparticles in nanoemulsions
  • Rheology of disperse systems
  • Formulation and description of paints and coatings


  • Development of reflectant and cold optics surfaces
  • Thermal nanocoatings.
  • Anti-friction coatings, replacement of galvanic hard chromium, ceramic layers
  • Anti-wear, hard and ultrahard, conductant and transparent coatings
  • Electrochemical coatings and passivation protection
  • Description of coatings
  • Treatment of polymeric and glass surfaces
  • Laser marking and micromanufacture
  • Graded coatings and multilayers for wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Direct HVOF forming of self-sustained forms.
  • Processes for deposting THIN layers and nanostructured materials
  • Thermic and surface treatments with plasmas and ion beams
  • Structural and compositional description of materials (FTIR, Raman, XRD, EA)
  • Surface analysis (XPS, SIMS, SEM, TEM, HRTEM, SAED, AFM)


  • Description of polymeric materials
  • Development of new fireproof charges for polymers
  • Determination of the oxygen index in fireproof polymers
  • Development of thermal barriers (TBC)
  • Rheology of polymeric systems
  • Preparation and description of organic materials
  • Computational chemical reactivity
  • Synthesis and description of plastic conductor materials
  • Electrosynthesis and electrodegradation of organic and inorganic compounds


  • Formulation of alloys
  • Description and application of surfactants
  • Formulation, processing and description of gels


  • Corrosion, protection and reformulation according to environmental regulations
  • Design and optimization of subproduct recycling processes
  • Detection, description and measurement of pollutants in water and the atmosphere
  • Wastewaters, biological elimination of pollutants (SBR)
  • Minimisation of toxic effluents according to legal regimes for water
  • Efficiency tests of items used in water purification
  • Treatment and purification of waste
  • Treatment and recycling of wastewater and mud
  • Advice on reducing the environmental impact of waste
  • Speciation of trace elements in environmental matrices
  • Pollution studies and risk assessment; reduction of the environmental impact of waste
  • Toxicology and environmental health
  • Treatment of pollutants


  • On surface technology and industrial processes
  • On vacuum technology
  • On thin layer technology
  • On surface engineering
  • On the selection of materials for application and use
  • Structural and microstructural description.
  • Resolution and refining of crystalline structures
  • Non-destructive, corrosion, and tribology tests


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