Conocimiento experto en la UB



  • Design, simulation and development of new sensors and actuators based on microelectronic technology.
  • Development of autonomous sensors for energy sources
  • Superconductor design
  • Determination of design parameters for treatment plants
  • Optimization of processes for the application of cleaner technologies
  • Thick layer, spin coating and drop coating technologies
  • Development of hot wire chemical vapour deposition technology (HWCVD).
  • Active Filters based on mesoporous materials and zeolites
  • Nitrification and denitrification processes


Alternative fuels

  • Production of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Classification of catalysts
  • Use of CO2 as a source of carbon
  • New generation biofuels. Biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol.
  • Revaluation of glycerine obtained in biodiesel manufacture
  • The hydrogen vector. Extraction from biomass.

Solar, thermal and photovoltaic 

  • Solar energy use. Solar system calculation
  • Optical confinement techniques for photovoltaic devices.
  • Fine layer silicon panel and heterojunction solar cell technology.
  • Classification of photovoltaic panels.
  • Organic solar cell technology
  • Polycrystalline semiconductors and new organic materials for large photovoltaic cells.

Geothermal energy 

  • Geothermal energy use
  • Studies of natural resources, sites, applications and sustainability.
  • Subsoil classification and prediction models.
  • High resolution magnetotelluric studies. Implication in geothermal resources.
  • Structure resulting from the deformation of sedimentary basins and their importance in the assessment of geological resources.

Wind and water 

  • Energy studies for hydraulic and wind energy
  • Methodologies for the use of hydraulic and aeolic energy
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