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Cancer Informative Biomarker Signature

• The efficacy of Immune check-point inhibitor (ICI) treatment ranges from 30-40% in sensitive tumors to <5% in immune-resistant tumors.

• Current Predictive methods have low sensitivity and poor specificity identifying patients that could benefit from ICI Treatment.

• Cancer informative biomarker signature is an immune-metabolic signature that classifies patients suffering from different solid tumors in 3 clusters depending on their immune-metabolic profile.

• IMMETCOLS signature (10-gene signature) improves the identification of patients with solid tumors who could benefit from the combination with ICI and drugs that tackle immune-microenvironment and cancer-metabolism.



• The immune-metabolic signature constitutes a great advance for the selection of the best treatment strategy for each patient suffering from a solid tumor

• IMMETCOLS use a trained NEURAL network based on a 10-gene signature that can be used to increase ICI efficacy in combination with selected drugs

• Easily implemented into decision making for the management of the most appropriate therapeutic approach


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