The FBG receives 9 grants from the Knowledge Industry Programme for the development of innovation projects

The FBG has received funding for the development of nine innovative projects by University of Barcelona research staff within the framework of the Knowledge Industry Programme, which is promoted by AGAUR and aims to stimulate the transfer of knowledge generated within the scientific environment to the productive sector.

Seven projects, funded with EUR 20,000 each, belong to the LLAVOR phase, and two projects funded with EUR 100,000 each, fall under the PRODUCTE category. The FBG-UB has obtained a total of EUR 340,000 from the 2019 Call for proposals for the Knowledge Industry Grants, co-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the ERDF Operational Programme for Catalonia 2014-2020).

The seven projects included in the LLAVOR modality, which aims at funding innovation projects that are in the initial stages of technological maturity, are:

“New dual-action compounds for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases”, led by Dr. Diego Muñoz-Torrero, from the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Chemistry of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences.

“GridConsultant (GRIDCON): A 3D tool for the exploration of professional identity in healthcare organizations”, led by Dr. Guillem Feixas, from the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology, Faculty of Psychology.

“Ligand-based (LBRS) repositioning of a phenolic compound with antiamyloidogenic activity: A proof of concept”, led by Dr. F. Javier Luque, in collaboration with Dr. Tiziana Ginex, from the Department of Nutrition, Food Sciences and Gastronomy of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences.

“System for in-situ, real-time monitoring and detection of contaminating elements in marine environments (Sea_RealSense)”, led by Dr. Manel López de Miguel, from the Department of Electronic and Biomedical Engineering of the Faculty of Physics.

“Projection of sustainability and adequacy of pensions: the DyPes microsimulation model”, led by Dr. Concepció Patxot, from the Department of Economic Theory of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

“Portable electronic app-controlled device for in-situ measurement of elasticity in flour doughs”, led by Dr Àngels Sahuquillo Estrugo, from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry (Faculty of Chemistry), and Dr Antonio Monleon Getino, from the Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Statistics (Faculty of Biology).

“Development of RIPLESS, a commercial product to prevent the deterioration of stone fruit during post-harvest”, led by Dr. Sergi Munné, from the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the Faculty of Biology.

The two projects included in the PRODUCTE modality, which is aimed at funding the development of prototypes and the valorisation and transfer of research results, are

“Programmable Matrix Microscope with Virtual Filtering”, presented by Dr. Mario Montes, Professor of the Department of Applied Physics of the Faculty of Physics.

“MAQA: Autonomous Monitoring of Water Quality”, presented by Dr. Manel Puig, from the Department of Electronic and Biomedical Engineering of the Faculty of Physics

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