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We turn knowledge into economic and social value

The Fundació Bosch i Gimpera  (FBG)* focuses on promoting and managing the transfer of the knowledge and technology generated at the University of Barcelona. Its goal is to bring the scientific and technical skills and the results of the research generated at the UB to the market by means of contracts for R+D+i, consultancy services and the protection, valuation and licensing of patents and the creation of new knowledge-based enterprises.

We are a link between the university and society

As an agent of economic and social development, the University of Barcelona aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the results of R+D+i to society. It thereby contributes to the business community's competitiveness and to improving social welfare; this is the University's third mission.

The UB's staff includes more than 4,500 experts carrying out basic and applied research work, who are organised in more than 225 consolidated research groups.Our institution manages over 800 projects every year, and over 600 of these involve contracts with businesses and institutions. The BG was created in 1983 and has become the catalyst for the link between the university, business and society. We have a team of committed and creative staff, consisting of fifty talented professionals who are flexible in the face of change.

The goal of the FBG is to transfer the results of research and thereby to contribute to social and economic progress through innovation. These results are disseminated in various mutually compatible ways: contracted research, collaborative research, licensing of patents and business start-ups.

*See the biography of Pere Bosch Gimpera